Wooden Crates



We are counted amongst the well known manufacturers and suppliers of wooden crates in India. We offer a broad range of wooden crates in size to accommodate any quantity of material. Our wooden crates are supplied to diversified industries for their various packaging purposes. Our premium quality wooden crates are designed for multi stacking and multi handling purposes.

Our vast array of wooden crates is highly appreciated by our customers for their being strong, having capacity holds heavy products and for its superior quality. These wooden crates are suitable for export shipments in containers or in break bulks. Our wooden crates can be used to pack every type of export material.

We provide these highly durable and superior quality wooden crates at very reasonable prices along with the assurance of prompt delivery. The high demand of our wooden crates in the national market as made us an extended manufacturer and supplier of wooden crates in India. We can send these wooden crates to our clients at longer distances by knocking them down which can later be assembled back to normal wooden crates.


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